We are using local postal service Omniva

Delivery service cost and time

The  shipping  cost  depends  on  the  location  of  the  purchaser. The shipping cost is displayed when the  purchaser places the order.

All  shipments  within  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  generally  arrive  at  the  destination  specified  by  the  purchaser  within 3-7  business  days  of  the  date  of  entry  into  force  of  the  contract  of  sale.

All  shipments  outside  of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are  guaranteed to arrive within 15 business days.

We have  the right  to ship  goods in up  to 45 calendar  days in  exceptional  cases. 

Once we ship your order, we will send you an email containing a tracking number. This tracking number might take up to 1 day before it updates.

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